Our Managed Email Security as a Service uses Fortinet FortiMail, Fortigate and FortiSIEM to provide best of breed security. These advanced security products compliment one another providing a more complete and proactive security solution than any of these solutions can on their own.

Security Fabric

 Fortinet is the only vendor with email security as part of an integrated and automated fabric architecture, enabling it to automatically generate and share intelligence to address advanced threats across all major attack vectors. This intelligence sharing is a critical component that helps organisations move from a reactive to more proactive security posture, enabling protection across multiple avenues of attack.

Attack vectors

New capabilities from FortiGuard Labs (more than 230 threat researchers across more than 10 disciplines) help Fortinet Email Security keep pace with the very latest email attack techniques.

These include:

  • Click Protect to identify websites that are weaponized after email delivery.
  • Content Disarm & Reconstruction that removes embedded active code to deliver safe files.
  • FortiSandbox to identify brand-new malicious attacks, attachments, and websites.
  • Impersonation Analysis to detect spoofing and other indicators of email fraud.